Saturday, November 19, 2011

By the Moorman's

It has been very therapeutic for me, doing paintings that involved flowing water. After some 16 years of earning my living as a freelance writer, the sunlight feels amazing, and there's nothing I love more than driving home after a workday with spots of oil paint on my clothes — shades of my childhood, when dried oil paint on the private-school uniform was a badge of honor (at least for me and my sister, it was).  This is one of a series of paintings done last August by the Moorman's River, up Sugar Hollow outside of Charlottesville, Va. The leaves were sprouting from the base of a tree trunk at river's edge, the water flowing beyond them. I had painted in the little fish that kept dancing past, but in the end kept them subdued. (Eileen was painting up river from me, and took the photograph below.) Oil on stretched canvas, 20" x 16".

$360 framed, $20 shipping

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